Reputation Advocate : SCAM Company

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Not resolved

Reputation Advocate company extorts other companies by posting false complaints about the company all over the internet.Then they contact the company with an offer to clean up the damage.

Check out the e-mail below. The IP address of the person who posted the complaint and the reputation store website is the same. This company is running the biggest scam out there. Companies Beware of Reputation Advocate.

Don't get ripped off by them they are not what they say they are.Just be careful when you look for a Reputation Online company so you don't get fooled like Reputation-Advocate those.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #739740

Do you have proof about this that they are any worse then complaints that are out there?

Reputation Advocate - worst seo company

Akron, Ohio 3 comments
Not resolved is absolutely ridiculous!I was baited in by their pitch for "restore online reputation" with the "best pricing." My project started 3 weeks ago and I am still waiting for some results.

reputationadvocate Account

Managers- if you want to call them that, are nothing more than recent high school graduates that think they understand the computing world. They have absolutely no "managerial" talent or authority. They have "supervisors" listed under their contacts to make complaints to, however they don't provide a name or extension. I've sent over 240 emails, which a "supervisor" has never responded!

I'm on my 3rd "account manager" this week.

Reputation advocate is the worst SEO company ever.These guys don't know what they are doing but they charge you every month.

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Your account started three weeks ago and you have sent 240 emails? It takes months to resolve online reputation issues.

You're an ***.

#111269 number is 888-275-2211


I used they did a verry good job.

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